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Index type 4/5 axis fixed axis machining

The most powerful and easiest-to-use coordinate system definition mode

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The simplest coordinate system definition mode

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Efficient G-code designed for multi-axis machines

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Index milling process simplified

Index type 4/5 axis fixed axis machining

Nowadays, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines are common in any machining factory. They improve production efficiency, reduce cycle times, and enable the machining of parts in a single setup. SolidCAM offers an efficient and straightforward way to program multiple faces of a part. Indexing 4/5-axis positional machining is a strong suit of SolidCAM, and you will witness significant improvements in the workflow aspect.


The simplest coordinate system definition

Are you tired of dealing with constructing views, copying models, and rotating them in space for new alignment operations? Are you still using indexed programming by copying and transforming geometric shapes to different layers?

Experience the primary position of a single machine tool through an index-based setup achieved with just a single button. SolidCAM accelerates multi-sided machining by eliminating the need for multiple coordinate system constructions. Simply select a face to instantly define the coordinate system, and then proceed to program your part.

  • SolidCAM's "Select a Face and Machine" is the fastest index-based programming method.

  • SolidCAM's Coordinate System Manager tracks all the data required for each tool direction.

  • SolidVerify simulation displays tool holder and fixtures, along with material removal for all machining operations.


The simplest coordinate system definition

SolidCAM's post-processor can be configured to handle all rotations and work offset shifts, eliminating the need to set multiple work offsets on the machine. Whether your controller can calculate part rotations internally or requires the post-processor to handle rotations, SolidCAM can meet your requirements. For controllers with advanced plane rotation or coordinate rotation capabilities, SolidCAM's post-processor can utilize these internal CNC functions. If your machine lacks such capabilities, users can input part positions in SolidCAM, and the post-processor will handle all the transformations for each rotation in the generated G-code.


Simplest Coordinate System Definition

Our indexing milling mode is straightforward: from software to G-code, the indexing milling process is treated the same as single-sided milling. There's no need for any special functions or techniques within the software to machine multi-sided parts; it should be able to run directly!

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